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Anusha Dandekar says happiness is key to successful relationship

VJ, singer and actress Anusha Dandekar, who is currently hosting the second season of the reality show "MTV Love School", says the key to a successful relationship is happiness.

Asked what is the key to a successful relationship, Anusha told IANS over phone from Mumbai: "It's happiness for me...Whatever you have little or more, if you aren't happy, then there is no point of any of it. So, I just think that people forget to enjoy their relationships and...forget to just kind of be happy in that moment. I think happiness is the key."

She says that if one isn't happy, the person shouldn't forcibly stay in the relationship.

"If you aren't happy, then you have to leave rather than forcing it and sticking around for the wrong reasons. I have been in so many relationships and I have realised it that happiness is the most important thing," she added.

Anusha is co-hosting the show with her boyfriend and TV actor Karan Kundra. She says it isn't difficult to work with a close one.

"It's not difficult for sure...For us, it is really great when we are on camera. We are co-hosts, but off camera we are back to being normal. So, we are not allowed to take the work back home with us. So if we have a difference in opinions, we set it there," she said.


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